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Patent Reform Act of 2011

Dan Girdwood presents 6 minutes on Patent Reform Act (PDF of the Presentation)

November 2011
Member Participation Product Reviews

Deborah Tacoma, FreedomWand

Finally, a product that gives you your freedom and modesty back! The Freedom Wand™ is a self-wipe, sanitary, easy to use, portable, personal toilet tissue aid. It's specifically designed for personal cleaning and hygiene for anyone with limited mobility. The FW is a multi task, multi length tool; it holds an ointment pad, loofah or lightweight wash cloth, disposable shaver and the all important toilet tissue. It can be used from 7 -30 inches and comes with a cloth carry bag. www.freedomwand.com

Becky Bennett, Solus

What is Muskegon Inventor's Network? MIN leadership is composed of a group of professionals who come together monthly to give support to a group of inventors, and provide a sense of security and understanding that:  "we, as inventor's, really are not completely crazy."  We just tend to think in a different dimension and see opportunities to change or create where others accept "what is".  The fact that a group of folks from all walks of life with a similar mindset can come together and share, and help each other is definitely a model for the success of MIN.

MIN provides a variety of guest speakers and the networking that ensues is what MIN is all about.  One of the most beneficial aspects of MIN is the "product review".  If we didn't have this opportunity to present our invention to our fellow inventors, and get unbiased feedback as to the potential (or not) of the product or idea, we would just be "dreamers not doers".  Where's the future of invention if there's no forward movement?  Inventors make the future!

I believe:  IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO BECOME WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN.  To have an opportunity  to be involved with a group like MIN allows me to pursue this belief.

Jeff Zack, PexRB

The first truly new development in pex in decades.

Z Supply, LLC is pleased to announce the development of our Radiant Barrier Pex called PexRBTM (Patent Pending). PexRB represents a significant improvement over non-radiant barrier pex in that it is much more effective in keeping hot fluids within it hot. Radiant Barrier Pex is made by adhering or applying a radiant barrier to the outside of any appropriate pex tubing. The radiant barrier material is flexible and conforms to bending with the pex.

The benefits to the end user and to the environment are many. PexRB is a very “Green” product. Imagine a user at a kitchen sink 40' away from the hot water source and having just drawn hot water. After just five minutes, water within PexRB will be 5 degrees warmer than within non-radiant barrier pex. After twenty minutes the difference is 11 degrees and in forty minutes 13 degrees. At this point the user of non-radiant barrier pex will have seen the temperature drop from 140 degrees to 91 degrees while the user with PexRB will experience water at 104 degrees. This is a significant and easily noted difference. At 104 degrees the water may well suit the needs of the user and the necessity of a wasteful running of the water is therefore averted.

PexRB was developed as we were working to improve the design of our line of insulated pex products which are primarily used in the hydronic heating industry. Wile PexRB is well suited to that purpose it should be well received in domestic hot water, solar heating, use or anytime it is important to keep hot water hot.

We are excited about the potential for PexRB to save energy, money, and conserve our most precious of resources, water.

Brett DeAugustine, Kar Kabana

Inspired by the love of the outdoors, The Kar Kabana is simply designed to give a person the ability to change clothes without being in the confines of a car while having total and portable privacy. A four-panel completely enclosed privacy curtain attaches to a car via a PVC frame with rubberized hooks. The entire frame and curtain fold down to pack away in a carry bag similar in size to a portable camping chair.  Although designed for changing at the beach, the Kar Kabana can be adapted for multiple uses including marathons, bike racing, skiing, or add a port-a-potty for privacy when camping, traveling, tailgate and much, much more.  You can learn more at www.karkabana.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/KarKabana

Mick Hanna, EasyCrutch



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