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If you would like to see your invention included on this web site we need you to provide a few things:

  • First and Foremost make sure your idea is protected as MIN can not and will not accept Responsibility or Liability for unprotected ideas or inventions submitted for display on our web site
  • You need to be a MIN member in good standing
  • Provide a brief paragraph summarizing your invention and inspiration
  • Provide a digital photo/camera ready artwork

Please contact us for the email to forward this info to.


PexRB from Z Supply, LLC

PexRB - Z Supply, LLC

The first truly new development in pex in decades. Z Supply, LLC is pleased to announce the development of our Radiant Barrier Pex called PexRBTM (Patent Pending). PexRB represents a significant improvement over non-radiant barrier pex in that it is much more effective in keeping hot fluids within it hot. Radiant Barrier Pex is made by adhering or applying a radiant barrier to the outside of any appropriate pex tubing. The radiant barrier material is flexible and conforms to bending with the pex. The benefits to the end user and to the environment are many. PexRB is a very “Green” product. PexRB was developed as we were working to improve the design of our line of insulated pex products which are primarily used in the hydronic heating industry. Wile PexRB is well suited to that purpose it should be well received in domestic hot water, solar heating, use or anytime it is important to keep hot water hot. We are excited about the potential for PexRB to save energy, money, and conserve our most precious of resources, water.

VZ Hang - Larco Products, LLC

V-Z Hang was designed with you in mind. It was designed so that any person could hang outdoor décor on their vinyl siding to enhance the look of their homes without any tools or holes. This was achieved by a simple hook design that could be installed quick and easily. It's unique style allows you to remove and relocate it many times over with no holes to cover and no damage to your vinyl siding. The integrity of your siding stays in tack with many hanging opportunities at your fingertips. Our company motto is to provide quality products that make life a little easier


A production prototype demonstrated by yours truly while changing to referee a football game.

The Kar Kabana - Invented by Brett DeAugustine

Inspired by the love of the outdoors, The Kar Kabana is simply designed to give a person the ability to change clothes without being in the confines of a car while having total and portable privacy. A four-panel completely enclosed privacy curtain attaches to a car via a PVC frame with rubberized hooks. The entire frame and curtain fold down to pack away in a carry bag similar in size to a portable camping chair.  Although designed for changing at the beach, the Kar Kabana can be adapted for multiple uses including marathons, bike racing, skiing, or add a port-a-potty for privacy when camping, traveling, tailgate and much, much more.  You can learn more at www.karkabana.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/KarKabana

ION Heater - Invented and developed by Tom Krapp

The worlds smallest, lightest, and most powerful electric space heaters. Tested and proven for four years the ION Heater series can save you money with the added benefit of infrared comfort, and health. Only in beta production at this time. 1000 watt portable 110 volt, and 2000 watt 220 volt inwall or retrofit. Please call: 1-231-821-0252 and visit www.ionheater.com

iLean® - Invented and developed by Lynn Smith and Michael Suman

The iLean® shelf system is portable, convenient, sturdy, and uniquely suited to provide a broad range of functions for both price and design conscious consumers. All iLean® components are interchangeable, allowing you to mix, match, and fully customize your own use and style. iLean® is comfortable in your office, at a game, in your bedroom or on your deck. It offers a multitude of finish options and accessories, giving you flexible, elegant storage that is indeed on your terms. www.ileanstore.com

Gas-Minder - Invented by Bill Rathbun

A fuel level indicator for 20 pound propane tanks was concieved after a discussion with a fellow bargin hunter in line for gas at Superior Propane's "Super Saturday" who was looking for an easy way to tell when she was about to run out gas. Patented now it serves to remind all that "WHEN THE RED STARTS TO SHOW, THE GAS IS LOW".

Klever Kutter

Klever Kutter - Invented by Orville Crain, Jeff Kempker, and Matt Jacobs

Inspired by the events of 9-11 Jeff Kempker realized the world needed a safer box cutter. With the help of Orville Crain and Matt Jacobs Jeff’s idea became a patented invention. It is a box cutter designed to not cut a person or the product inside of the packaging you are opening. It is now used by hundreds of companies world wide and has the backing of many insurance groups as the safer box cutter when compared to other utility cutters. www.kleverinnovations.net


TideMinders - Invented by Larry Gray and Collaborators (Wife and Friends)

Every boater has been faced, at one time or another, with the problem of securing his or her vessel at the dock, one fact remains constant, Mother Nature will have her way. Armed with this knowledge as inspiration, we started our company, Go with the Flow Solutions LLC, with one goal in mind: To develop the most dependable, yet simplest and least expensive solution to this age old problem of safe and secure docking. We are proud to say we have found the answer with TideMinders. www.tideminders.com

The Freedom Wand™

The Freedom Wand™ - Invented by Deborah Tacoma

Finally, a product that gives you your freedom and modesty back! The Freedom Wand™ is a self-wipe, sanitary, easy to use, portable, personal toilet tissue aid. It's specifically designed for personal cleaning and hygiene for anyone with limited mobility. www.freedomwand.com

The Perfect Screen Door Solution - Invented by Sam Blais

Screen door operates quietly, provides trouble-free access to the home. This uniquely designed screen door self stores in winter months with effortless smooth glide. Use it when you want fresh ventilation, or store it and forget it. For homes with design conflicts, our door functions where a conventional screen door can not. Take the example in this picture, the track system of an over head garage service door will not allow a conventional screen door to fully open, problem solved with the perfect screen door solution. This is only one example of the versatility of the perfect screen door solution. Don’t be left without health cross ventilation in your home because of a design conflict. www.perfectscreendoorsolution.net

The Style n' Wrap™ - Invented by Rhonda Geneva

The Style ‘n Wrap “™” was created to solve the everyday problem of how to handle hot hairstyling appliances carefully without fear of burning the counter top, as well as stowing the hot styling tool immediately after use. While this was the initial concept, many design features were added creating even greater benefit to the owner of this unique hairstyling tool organizer. www.genevagirlsdesigns.com

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